Kelvin Kong

Rights Manager

Having worked in various roles in Canadian publishing houses including rights and production manager at Madison Press Books, Kelvin Kong is the rights manager at The Rights Factory.

Kelvin works with publishers and subagents from various territories to get our author’s books translated and published as widely as possible. He enjoys meeting and getting to know international publishers and helping them find the perfect book for their list. In turn, seeing our author’s books in other languages makes him happy. Kelvin also handles the agency’s social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and he’s building a small list of his own.

In his spare time, Kelvin is an amateur chef, mixologist, rapper, and racecar driver (well, maybe not the last two, but it makes him sound more macho). He can be found biking around town to book events and readings. He would really, really like you to buy rights from him.

Please note that Kelvin is not accepting any unsolicited submissions at this time, and will not respond to queries.

Interested in:

Commercial Upmarket, Food and Drink, Literary Fiction, Popular Science, Speculative

Authors Represented: