Natalie Kimber

Associate Agent

Natalie Kimber started her career in publishing as an assistant to Muriel Nellis at Literary and Creative Artists Inc., and later worked under Dr. Carole Sargent at Georgetown University’s Booklab, where she developed academic and trade book proposals, fiction titles, and edited books for New Academia Publishing.  She graduated from Georgetown in 2010 with a BA in Liberal Studies with a focus in Theology and Latin, and is a Caux Scholar.  She subsequently founded the Sun Rae Agency, with a view to represent authors with provocative, inspiring books that challenge and change the literary landscape.

Nat joined The Rights Factory in 2014 as the agency’s first New York City based agent.  She is inspired by bringing experimental, risky, and thoughtful new literature into the world of traditional publishing.  She appreciates authors who have a vision incorporated into their writing, from exploring history untold to re-telling timeless tales with a twist, Nat looks for writers who unveil meaningful new ways to see the world and ourselves in it.  Her passion is helping authors share their vision and talent with a grateful audience, and guiding the process that manifests a vision into book form is her raison d’etre.

Nat is an aesthete and a theist, fascinated by ancient history and modern culture alike.  Her love of theology contributes to her fully enjoying every aspect of the New York City experience, as she lives and works in West Harlem, steps from Central Park.  She also bartends a few nights a week at one of the best Italian fine dining spots on historic Bond Street in NoHo.  A few times a year, she manages to escape New York to visit her family’s cabin at 10,000 ft in the remote Sangre de Cristo mountains of Southern Colorado, where she takes on the role of head chef for every gathering.  And she never misses an opportunity to drive down to Taos, New Mexico, for a day to take in the landscape, local food, and Southwest art.  The duality of experience – historic and modern, literary and culinary, cityscape and mountainside – is part of who she is. 


Interested in:

Action/Adventure, Commercial Fiction, Cooking, Creative Nonfiction, Graphic Novels, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Pop Culture, Science, Science Fiction, Spirituality, Sustainability, YA Boy Books

Authors Represented: