Alison Stevenson

Alison Stevenson is a writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. Her comedy has been featured all over the Internet, and she made her television debut performing stand up on the Viceland series, “Flop House”. She has a column on Vice, “Girl Writer“, where she explores issues relating to sex, dating, and body image from a feminist (and arguably unapologetic) perspective. She started writing concurrently with stand up comedy, seeing the two as interchangeable means of digging deep into what the hell is really bugging her. Her love of comedy comes from her obsession with Mel Brooks as a child, and continues to be reflected in everything she says and does. Even when it’s unintentional. Some of her articles have gone viral, garnering her attention from the likes of Dan Savage, Huffington Post, Jezebel, and more. Her ultimate goal is to make the world a better place for smart, independent women. Wish her luck. 

Alison is represented by: Natalie Kimber

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