Bianca Marais

Bianca Marais packed up her whole life in Johannesburg, South Africa and arrived in Toronto in the July of 2012 with one jetlagged husband,  two suitcases and four pets. After having previously written numerous atrocious novels that were widely rejected by everyone, she decided to study writing through the University of Toronto’s SCS Creative Writing program. She started work on her novel while studying, and an excerpt from the book was a finalist in the Penguin Random House Student Award for Fiction in 2013. A short story she wrote, The Savages Among Us, was published in a crime anthology, World Enough and Crime,  in 2014.  Her debut novel, Hum If You Don’t  Know the Words will be published by Putnam. Also, she was once bitten by a giraffe. True story.

Bianca is represented by: Cassandra Rodgers

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