Dana Brooks

Dana Brooks is an Actress, Writer, Beauty Expert and “Board-Certified Glamour Goddess. “ Oh, and by the way, she’s also transgendered.

Having gone through her transition at the tender age of 22 (many, MANY years ago!) she knows what being trans is all about, in the long term. Especially since she decided to pursue high-profile work in industries that are all about how one looks: Show business and Beauty! (What is she, crazy?)

Dana had recurring principal roles in American TV series such as William Shatner’s “Tek War,” Henry Winkler’s “Dead Man’s Gun,” and the Showtime hit “First Wave,” just to name a few. She also has worked extensively in theatre and has lent her voice to many major radio and television ad campaigns.

Dana writes with insight and humour about life as a transgendered woman and going forth in the world as one’s true self. Hoping to be judged on one’s abilities and not on one’s surgical history.


Dana is represented by: Cassandra Rodgers

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