Duncan McNab

Duncan is an author/investigative journalist (and in another life a detective in Sydney Australia both for the police and in criminal defence) and  the bestselling author of nine books – The Usual Suspect (Pan Macmillan 2005), The Dodger (Pan Macmillan 2006), Dead Man Running (with Ross Coulthart – Allen and Unwin Australia 2008 and Atlantic Books UK 2011, Above the Law (with Ross Coulthart – Allen and Unwin 2010), Mission 101 (Pan Macmillan Australia 2011, The History Press UK 2012), Killing Mr Rent-A-Kill (Pan Macmillan 2012), Outlaw Bikers in Australia (Pan Macmillan July 2013), Waterfront (Hachette July 2015), Public Enemy Number One – the Life of Shorty Guzman (UPNE for release in fall 2016). He’s presently writing two further non fiction crime books – one commissioned by Hachette and the other for RandomHouse/Penguin.

Duncan McNab is represented by: Sam Hiyate