Jason Flores-Williams

Jason Flores-Williams, attorney and author, has spent his life on the front lines of the American condition. When he was 13, his family was ripped apart by the U.S. War on Drugs. His father sentenced to 35 years in prison, his mother, sister and him thrown into abject poverty. When he was 27, while living in a garage in San Francisco, he wrote his first novel, The Last Stand of Mr. America, published by Canongate and Grove Atlantic. In his 30’s, he covered dissent for magazines ranging from High Times to the Nation to the Brooklyn Rail. His piece, In The Battle of the Open Heart, on Occupy Wall Street, is recognized as a protest classic. After becoming an attorney in his mid-30’s, JFW went to Post-Katrina New Orleans to represent indigent clients on death row at Angola. He has since run his own legal practice doing landmark constitutional litigation while representing political outlaws, dissidents and whistleblowers. His writings and cases have been written about in the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, et al. Several years ago, JFW was diagnosed with a rare illness called Dermatomyositis that can often take people down, but through chemo infusions, gambling on football and nihilistic philosophy, he overcame and now lives in Denver where he litigates against multi-national corporations and skis at least 50 times a year.

Jason is represented by: Natalie Kimber