Kerry Lambeth

Kerry Lambeth grew up in Portland, Oregon, where she went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival every summer and cried when she found out Powell’s Books didn’t do birthday parties. Like Shakespeare, Kerry moved to London in her 20s and spent the next few years mostly in pubs. Unlike Shakespeare, she has a second fridge dedicated entirely to prosecco.

Kerry blogs about travel, history, Shakespeare and drinking at Planes, Trains and Plantagenets, and is a regular speaker at History Showoff, a pub lecture series where audience members have described her as ‘brilliant’, ‘hilarious’ and ‘wow, that was a lot of information about medieval menstrual blood’. Her favourite Shakespeare play is Henry VI, Part Two, which sounds boring but secretly has pirates, witches, scam prophets, proto-socialist revolutions and people snogging decapitated heads. She is probably at the bar right now.

Kerry is represented by: Lydia Moëd

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