Ruth Ball

Ruth Ball is the founder and Head Alchemist at Alchemist Dreams, a company dedicated to making handmade liqueurs blended to order. Built up in Ruth’s own kitchen from only £1000 of seed money, the company can now boast clients including The British Library, Starwood Hotels, Garnier and The Science Museum Group. Ruth is a member of the Experimental Food Society, a contributor to ongoing transmedia steampunk narrative Clockwork Watch, and the head of the food and drink track at the Nine Worlds Convention. She also produces her own popular independent series of alcohol-based events which include speakeasies, tastings and storytelling.

Ruth has been researching traditional spirit-making for inspiration since starting her business in 2010. Having gathered an enthralling collection of stories in need of an audience, she now brings her passion for spirits and her eloquent, highly entertaining voice to the world of narrative non-fiction.

Ruth is represented by: Lydia Moëd

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