Ruth DyckFehderau

Ruth DyckFehderau teaches Creative Writing and English Literature at the University of Alberta for a few months of each year. The rest of the time she travels and writes fiction and non-fiction. She has published short literary pieces in journals such as Prairie Fire and Polari Journal (Australia) and in anthologies published by Brindle & Glass, Cambridge Scholars Press, and NeWest Press.  She has given public lectures and conference keynotes on subjects as diverse as Canadian Literature, queer activism, and being an artist with a PhD. And she has won a number of literary awards including the Mactaggart Writing Prize for short literary non-fiction. She has lived in Northern Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, France, Poland, Kenya, South Africa, and Bangladesh, and has travelled widely through North and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. She is currently based in Edmonton, AB.

Ruth is represented by: Cassandra Rodgers