Sohan Koonar

Sohan has lived on four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. A physiotherapist by training, a founder of a multi-clinic company, and a renowned inventor with international patents, Sohan’s hobby of story-telling has won him the Judges Choice Award in the Toronto Star Short Story Contest, and the first Burlington Library Literary Excellence Award.

Now, with the freedom to write full-time, his hobby of writing short stories has turned into writing novels. His self-published novel Karam’s Kismet drew mentions in sixteen USA dailies and periodicals. This, along with advice from novelist Naomi Regin to “write what you know best,” inspired A Crowd of Sorrows­—a novel based on his own experience as a Sikh in changing times. A Crowd of Sorrows is now available for sale worldwide.

He visits his ancestral village, Kot Gangu Rai, India, every two years and finds inspiration in its rural culture, dating back many centuries. Punjab is an unexplored subject in English literature, while Punjabi is the eleventh most popular language in the world with 150 million speakers who call it their mother tongue. Sohan’s work gives a much needed voice to this underrepresented, wonderfully rich culture.

Sohan is represented by: Sam Hiyate