7 Ways to Promote Your Book

February 12, 2016

1. Befriend your local booksellers and librarians. Give them autographed copies of your book. They interact with your target market and can become your biggest promoters.

2. Book clubs are everywhere. Announce on your social media that you would be happy to attend meetings, doing this creates priceless word of mouth buzz for your book. Many members belong to more than one club and will talk about you to their other clubs.

3. Contact all literary festivals and offer to participate in their line up. Festival attendees are loyal book buyers.

4. Send copies of your book to your favorite authors with a note of thanks for their inspiration. You may turn them into fans who could help promote your book to their fans.

5. Create cards and bookmarks that feature the cover of your book and the best praise it has received. Give these out everywhere you go. People will be more likely to remember your book if they see the cover.

6. Reach out to every group and affiliations that are in any way connected to your subject. Offer to speak at their meeting, write for their newsletters or blogs.

7. Have every email correspondence working to promote your book. Your signature should contain an image of the cover, a short blurb about the book and links to your social media.