Patience is key

January 8, 2016

Be patient.  We all know that patience is a virtue but in publishing it is a necessity.

First, be patient with your writing. Don’t rush it.  Study your craft and take your time with words, with plotting, with character development.  Read about writing, take classes, review your work – over and over.

Now you feel your work is the best shape it can be in and you’ve sent it out to agents.  Practice patience again.  Agents get thousands of queries a year and it takes us time to go through them.  If your query is excellent, we will ask to read more.  Even though we only request a fraction of the queries, it is still a lot of reading. It can take us several months to get through our reading list.

So we love your work and want to represent you. At The Rights Factory, we spend an enormous amount of time providing editorial feedback to our clients. Thoughtful edits take time to prepare and time to execute.  Again – patience.

Finally, your work is polished and is ready for submission ready to publishing houses.  Get ready for more waiting – are you starting to see a theme here?  Editors have long reading lists (see above) and it can take months to receive a response.

Best case scenario is that your book is sold. Fabulous! Another several rounds of edits await. And then be prepared to wait maybe a year or more before your book is published.

This is a slow moving industry and you can’t control the pace. All you can control is the work you’ve put into writing the best book possible, move quickly (but not too quickly on edits), and take a deep breath. Welcome to publishing. However, the thrill of seeing your book in print is definitely worth the wait. And if it isn’t, this is not the business for you. But we hope it is and love being part of the process.