Blood Will Out

Ari Sullivan is alive—for now.

She wakes at the bottom of a well, confused, injured, and alone, with the shadowy recollection of a low-pitched voice and a gloved-hand. No one can hear her screams. And the person who put her there is coming back.

The killer is planning their masterpiece. A gruesome fairytale tableau of innocence and blood. The design is perfect, until the girl gets in the way.

Until now, Ari was happy to spend her days pining for handsome, recent-arrival Stroud Bellows, fantasizing about their two-point-four-kids-future together. Safe. But someone has different plans for Ari and her friends in Dempsey Hollow.

Told in alternating perspectives of predator and prey, best-selling author Jo Treggiari’s BLOOD WILL OUT weaves the sinister tale of a teen serial-killer, and the girl caught in their web.

  • Type: Fiction, Kids
  • Age Range: Young Adult
  • Publisher: Penguin Teen/PRHC
  • Rights Sold:
    • Penguin Teen (World)