‘I barely notice the cold as I hurry by pair after pair of marbled white feet. Each belongs to a stranger, but still a part of me feels like I know them. I guess I do. Their story is my story. The story of Movers.’

In a time when the sun no longer shines and kids go to school in skyscrapers, Shadows are illegal and Movers live in fear. Pat Mermick and his little sister Maggie are Movers; they were born with the ability to “move” a person—their Shadow—from the future to the present. In an already overpopulated world, Shadow immigration is punishable with a life sentence. Six years ago, the Bureau of Movement Activity Control locked Pat’s dad away for crimes he didn’t commit: Movement—and murder.

When a door to the future opens above The Romsey Institute for Learning, suspicion falls on Pat’s classmate Gabriella “Goomba” Vargas, a brilliant but unfortunate-looking girl—who couldn’t possibly be responsible. Determined to stop BMAC from Shelving another innocent person, Pat joins Gabby on the run, along with Maggie.

With his mom in BMAC custody, Pat’s only hope for help is a shady voice on the other end of the phone, an address for the seediest part of town, and a name. Out of options, this motley crew set out to find answers before BMAC, and one very dangerous Shadow, can catch up with them.

In a search that will lead to more, and bigger, questions, Pat learns that it’s always hardest to fight for what is right, and the immeasurable importance of family and friendship. Looper meets His Dark Materials in this breakneck action/adventure from rising star Meaghan McIsaac (The Boys of Fire and Ash, previously titled Urgle). MOVERS is the first instalment in a series for mature middle grade readers.

  • Type: Fiction, Kids
  • Age Range: Middle Grade
  • Number of Pages: 288
  • Original Publication Date: Feb 2016
  • Publisher: Andersen Press
  • Rights Sold:
    • Andersen Press (World)
    • Tundra Books/PRHC (Canada)
    • Editions Auzou (France)

What people are saying:

This thrilling new dystopian series will appeal to science fiction lovers 12 and up.

  • — Calgary Herald, Barbara Hesson

Beautifully written and keeps the reader wanting more. A brilliant read.

  • — Erisea Magazine

Movers is an earth-shattering, action-packed futuristic adventure of the heightest proportions

  • — CanLit for LittleCanadians, Helen K

McIsaac is definitely onto something with this Terminator-like young adult series, and I hope that young readers will have access to Movers in classrooms and libraries alike. This is a strong start to what I hope will be a powerhouse trilogy. (Recommended)

  • — CM, Rob Bittner

In a powerful first addition to the Movers series, McIsaac’s climatic writing is guaranteed to leave readers clamouring for a timely sequel.

  • — Readerly, Amy Mathers

A colourless concrete setting, repressive regime, stock thuggish nemesis and ornate technology…this is a high stakes action film on the page.

  • — Toronto Star

★ In Movers, McIsaac creates a stunningly original cosmography, and she skilfully manages the complications that come with time travel, cleaning up loose ends and juggling the butterfly effect with a deft hand.

  • — Quill and Quire, Sarah Sawler

Once I started reading, I really didn’t want to stop. I adored every second of this breathtaking ride and while desperate to know the ending, didn’t want the last page to come! ‘Movers’ is quite simply fabulous and a must have, must read book.

  • — Lovereading4Kids, Liz Robinson

A captivating world, fresh characters and a time twist – this is perfect for male and female readers. A cross between dystopia and sci-fi, Movers has cinematic appeal that fans of Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave and Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games will adore.

  • — YAfictionados, Christopher Moore