Terrified of being targeted by bullies for being overweight, Lionel tries to go through grade eight attracting as little attention as possible. But he discovers something about himself: he’s fast.

Lionel takes up running. That leads to joining a running group, and being talked into trying out for the school track team. And that means attention, and bringing himself closer to the bullies he’s been avoiding. To make matters worse, he’s spending more time with the girl the worst bully of them all likes … and Lionel isn’t sure he can trust her.

Lionel is desperate to stop being scared. He’s fast, but he can’t run away from all his problems.

  • Type: Fiction, Kids
  • Age Range: Young Adult
  • Number of Pages: 180
  • Original Publication Date: Mar 2017
  • Publisher: DCB/Cormorant Books
  • Rights Sold:
    • DCB/Cormorant Books (North America)

What people are saying:

Lionel’s determination to go the distance will inspire others to take their marks. (Fiction. 10-14)

  • — Kirkus

Run is about what makes a person feel good about him or herself and how others can impact this feeling. It is also about family relationships and friendship. Finally, it is about unconditional acceptance. A must-read for all. Highly Recommended. (4/4 stars)

  • — CM Magazine, Christina Pike


  • Nominated, 2018 Forest of Reading Red Maple Award
  • Nominated, 2015 Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award

Written By:

David Skuy

Author of middle grade and young adult fiction, with passion for writing. Multiple Silver Birch nominations. Sales of over 100,000 books. A varied career, including business lawyer and university lecturer.

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