I shouldn’t be here, living in the future. But I’m here because of what I am.

We are the Movers and Shadows, linked to each other through time.

And we are being hunted down and Cured.

But I can’t let them Cure me. Because I’m going back. Somehow, I’ve got to get back to the time I came from.

And save us all.

Patrick is a boy out of his time. He has been thrown forward 300 years into the future, and he must find a way home to save his family from a frightening fate.

Leaving shelter with his Shadow, the man who Moved him to this future, Patrick starts out on a terrifying quest to the very heart of danger. Amongst scavengers, thieves and a crack team of soldiers dedicated to destroying a despotic regime, Patrick will have to fight every step of the way to find his way back to where he belongs.

  • Type: Fiction, Kids
  • Age Range: Middle Grade
  • Number of Pages: 336
  • Original Publication Date: Mar 2018
  • Publisher: Andersen Press
  • Rights Sold:
    • Andersen Press (World)
    • Tundra Books/PRHC (Canada)
    • Editions Auzou (France)