Tangled Planet

After 400 years of travel, the generation starship Venture has arrived at its destination planet: Beta Earth, pristine and uninhabited. But 17-year-old engineer Ursa and her crewmates are not prepared for the rigors of colonisation. Deadly accidents and unexpected hardships threaten to tear the group apart. Then Ursa discovers something lurking in the overgrown alien forests of their new home. Something that shouldn’t be there. Something that’s killing the colonists, one by one.

Ursa needs to convince her crewmates to return to the safety of the Venture, but when she tries to tell people about the giant, fanged creature she saw, they assume she’s lost her mind – or worse, that she’s committing the murders herself to sabotage the colonisation process. As conflict threatens to tear the crew apart and evidence of a conspiracy comes to light, Ursa doesn’t know who she can trust. But she knows that if they don’t pull together and find out what’s really going on in the forest, their fragile society won’t stand a chance of survival.

From the award-nominated author of Transferral, TANGLED PLANET is a tense, compelling read that combines the big ideas of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora with the pace and intrigue of The 100.

  • Type: Fiction, Kids
  • Age Range: Young Adult
  • Original Publication Date: Oct 2018
  • Publisher: Dancing Cat Books/Cormorant
  • Rights Sold:
    • Dancing Cat Books/Cormorant (North America)

What people are saying:

Blair’s world-building is exceptional, immersing readers in the juxtaposition of the exciting unknowns of Beta and the comforting protocols and societal structure on the Venture. Ursa is a fully developed, likable yet flawed character who will push teens to consider if comfort is a worthy sacrifice for the potential greatness of the unknown. A robust cast of secondary characters, each layered with their own motivations, histories, and perspectives, round out the novel and propel its fierce pace. VERDICT A must-have for every library. This sci-fi mystery will be devoured by fans of Beth Revis’s Across the Universe and Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” series. starred review

  • — School Library Journal

Kate Blair weaves an interesting and gripping tale in Tangled Planet…. the first-person perspective of Ursa helps to keep the suspense building throughout. Blair creates an accessible narrative style with a fairy-tale plot that intermingles politics, science and exploration to draw in even the most seasoned science fiction fan. In addition, the ways in which Ursa learns to deal with her grief are true to life and powerful, regardless of the setting.

  • — Canadian Children's Book News

In this well-plotted and suspenseful novel, Blair not only asks what if there were another planet to colonize but how do humans create anything new and improved when—even with limitless technology and genetic manipulation—they continue to make decisions based on past grievances and resentment, loss and jealousy.

  • — Quill & Quire

Written By:

Kate Blair

YA author and speculative fiction geek. Born in the UK, now living in Toronto.

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