The Danny Cleary Trilogy

Book One: Cracked

Danielle Cleary is a nice middle-class girl with a bad habit. Several, in fact. Although perhaps most cumbersome to this formal personal trainer, mixed martial arts fighter and wealthy divor- cee, is her fondness for crack cocaine.

When her sister Ginger, one of the only people in the world whom she truly loves, is brutally raped and murdered, Danny, accompanied by her addiction and rock-star brother Darren, jumps on a plane and flies to LA, hell-bent on serving justice.

Then Ginger’s sons are kidnapped, throwing Danny into full-on vigilante mode. She kicks some ass and takes some names, all while battling bitchy cops, crazy drug dealers, and those pesky withdrawal symptoms, with nothing but her unmanicured hands and snarky wisecracks.

Cracked is a gritty rollercoaster ride to redemption. From the streets of

Toronto to the underbelly of Orange County; from private jets to the depths of the Maine wilderness, Danny struggles with bad guys to find the killers, and along the way — as the body count rises and she is confronted by impossible circumstances, characters and choices — includ- ing her own demons.

  • Type: Fiction, Adult
  • Original Publication Date: Nov 2015
  • Publisher: TitanBooks

What people are saying:

Cracked has it all: a heroine armed with bare knuckles and a crack pipe, bodies dropping every- where and more twists than an L.A. freeway.

  • — Rachel Howzell Hall, author of the Detective Elouise Norton series

Written By:

Barbra Leslie

TRF author of Cracked.

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