The Dog Walker

If there are guardian angels among us, surely Benny is one of them. Gently challenged and benignly observant, he lives with his long-suffering mother in the quirky and charming town of Mayfield. Benny is qualified for only one job: walking dogs. At that task, he is without peer. But Benny is more than a simple friend to the town’s canines; he brings the same guileless compassion to the people around him. Sweet and honest, offering poignant loyalty, he changes their lives.

Life is not as simple as he seems.


Some praise for The Dog Walker:

“Alvarez appealingly flaunts the charm, sincerity and patriotism that exists in the heart of the young man… Alvarez expertly uses dark humor to mold Benny into an engaging character who works to save his employers and friends. A dark, whimsical adventure that dog-lovers will enjoy.” — Kirkus Indie

“The Dog Walker is a book that manages to profoundly change a person while telling them a tragic story… it’s a rare gem that deserves to be (forgive the pun) dog-eared.” — Tiffany Xie

“A truly inspirational book that will touch your heart….I was in awe at the masterful weaving of this tale and the way Alvarez was able to craft it in such a wonderful way. Animal lovers and dog lovers alike will surely enjoy this epic novel.” — No Author, Seriously Reviewed Blog

  • Type: Fiction, Adult
  • Original Publication Date: Feb 2012
  • Publisher: Belle Bridge Books