The Green Hotel

Set in Toronto’s seedy underbelly, The Green Hotel challenges our notions of “Toronto the good”. Rich in detail, the book engages us with gritty realism and a startling portrayal of a life steeped in sex, drugs and pyromania as a young man tries to cope with the anxiety of co-existing with a suicidal father. Despite the all-enveloping despair, the main character, through moments of deep reflection and self-awareness, manages to harvest some light from the darkness.

  • Type: Fiction, Adult
  • Number of Pages: 120
  • Original Publication Date: Oct 2014
  • Publisher: Quattro Books

What people are saying:

Effortless, hypnotic…a touching and devastating portrait…readers will be amazed.

  • — Quill & Quire

This is a remarkably intelligent and moving book. Gilmour’s writing is as lean and honest as Ben Lerner’s, as muscular at Atticus Lish’s. As graceful as James Salter’s. As sweet as…I can’t think of anybody. I’m so grateful that this novel was recommended to me.

  • — Barbara Gowdy, author of Falling Angels

This book addresses themes of addiction, love and loss, all cloaked in an extended religious metaphor; Father, son and holy spirits. Gilmour shines…

  • —

Written By:

Jesse Gilmour

From Toronto, Canada, his first novel, The Green Hotel, is the story of a young man who engages in pyromania.

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