Diane is an exceptional editor/writer who possesses a rare combination of a creativity, insight, and attention to detail. Her input was invaluable to my recent memoir, Unearthed.

—Alexandra Risen

Working with an editor as passionate, meticulous, and brilliant as Diane is every writer’s dream. With a clear overall sense of story and character, penetrating questions and inspired strategies, she guided me to my best work.

—Barbara Radecki

Diane Terrana

Executive Editor

Diane has a BA, a BEd and an MA in English literature from the University of Toronto. She has worked as an actress, a belly dancer and an English/Drama teacher in both the private and public school systems. Diane began reading and editing manuscripts at The Rights Factory in 2011.

Diane specializes in substantive edits, working with agents and authors to prepare manuscripts for submission in a competitive market. She hones her editing skills weekly in a writing workshop she co-hosts with Rights Factory president, Sam Hiyate. Diane edits an eclectic variety of fiction and non-fiction, bringing a love of language and a passion for story to the editorial process. She claims that editing is not for the faint-hearted.

She has been a voracious reader since grade two, when she discovered public libraries. Since then, she discovered cappuccinos and now can be frequently found in coffee houses near libraries, usually with a manuscript on the table. When she isn’t reading, editing or talking books with friends, she tries very hard to get out of her head. Recently, she went skydiving with her son to celebrate his 21st birthday: an experience that seemed out of body, as well.

Interested in:

Literary Fiction, Memoir, Mystery, Young Adult